Merlin’s Ball & Box

Merlin’s Ball & Box

While thinking about what types of animation projects I would create several fundamental elements came to mind:

12 Original Principles of Animation
An Animation Process
Animation Editors
Animate vs. Inanimate
Documenting Process

After watching Pixar’s “Red’s Dream” I was very impressed with a snigget of animation that speaks volumes to the idea of Animate Vs. Inanimate.  Red starts out turning towards the corner and leans forward with character and then almost as if a light switch had been turned off he reverts to an inanimate object and settles into the corner.  What is so impressive about this segment is the life that is present one minute and then the natural pull of gravity the next.  The life of the object simple vanishes!  I realized how important it is to be able to animate objects in both natural and expressive ways.

Here is the clip I am referring to:

Red’s Dream


Merlin’s Ball & Box is an animation that will allow me to explore Animate vs. Inanimate objects.

The goal is to focus on animating:

A Box that is a natural object (Can only be effected by natural forces)
A Ball that is alive (Animated – Containing Qualities of Life)

These are the concepts explored:

Natural Ball Bounce
Natural Box Fall
Ball Bounce with Personality
Ball & Box Interaction

Here is an example of Blocking to the Final Product:


 Craig Bowman

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